Addictions Committee


To support and cultivate positive transformation in the lives of people living with addictions in our city.


As we know, high rates of substance dependency issues in a community can contribution to increased violence, crime, homelessness and vagrancy.  This can make a community feel less safe, deterring community members from engaging with one another or visiting certain areas of the city, which can have a direct impact on our local small businesses as well.

Unfortunately, social misconceptions and stigmas about substance dependencies creates a challenge for people in seeking support and resources for recovery. To move forward, addressing these issues in our city requires community participation to recognize and understand the issue, and work together to remove the stigma and support recovery.


  • Developing open community participation.
  • Removing the stigma that prevents people with substance dependencies from accessing the support services.
  • Lack of trust between both people with substance dependencies and the broader community.
  • Some people with substance dependencies also experience mental health issues and homelessness, which inhibits them from accessing and or accepting help.


  1. Cultivate relationships with people in our community with substance dependencies.

  2. Identify and connect people with substance dependencies with established community supports and resources.

  3. Bring awareness to the plight of those struggling with substance dependencies as well as its impact on the community.

  4. Work together with various community agencies, such as housing and mental health, to provide critically needed support.


Coming Soon.